Emergency Medicine

Traumas and calamities happen without any caution. In these types of situations, treatments should be provided hastily. KMCT MCH started Department of Emergency Medicine to give trauma care in case of an emergency.

The dedicated team of doctors, paramedics, ICU Staff and nurses in the Emergency Department will put their heart and soul to give prompt and instant medical care to cover the injuries, calm down distressed patients and lend a hand to return to normal life.

The dedicated teams of professionals focused in trauma care, exterior cardiac massage and artificial respiration and multi-bedded ultra-modern resuscitation bay make the department elegant. KMCT MCH comprises of full-fledged mobile ICUs.

The skilled and experienced emergency physicians and paramedics of mobile ICUs offer necessary pre- hospital care while transferring critically ill or wounded patients with risk to life. Our emergency medicine doctors have sufficient experience in the transfer and transportation of patients from the field and between hospitals.


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